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Albert's Texas Treasures | Cypress Valley Canopy Tours

"Albert's Texas Treasures" traveled to Spicewood, Texas for a family experience like no other.

SPICEWOOD — Nestled between hundred-year-old Cypress Trees in Spicewood, Texas, is Cypress Valley Canopy Tours -- a unique adventure destination that offers a bird’s eye view of the hill country and the opportunity for the ultimate sleep over.

“If you love being outside and you want to share those special moments with your family, we’re creating a place where you can do that,” said Shelby Semon, General Manager of Cypress Valley Canopy Tours.

“So we got four different treehouses that we rent overnight. We’re actually building our fifth treehouse right now," said Semon.

But these aren't the treehouses you remember from your childhood. Instead, these have comfy beds, air conditioning, and a deck with a spectacular view.

The biggest treehouse on the property is called "The Nest."

According to Semon, The 'Nest' can sleep four to six people. She told KVUE the property has two bedrooms: one with a queen-sized bed and the other with two twin-sized beds.

"And it has a lounge area that has the coolest beanbag chair ever, that turns into a queen-sized mattress... you have a huge table, where you guys can play games or of course have a lovely meal outside," Semon said. "Although my favorite game is sitting out on the front porch, drinking coffee, looking at all the critters in the ravine and listen to the birds.”

"We also have a ziplining adventure on property, so it’s a eco-adventure tour where you get to zipline through cypress trees," Semon added. "You get to cross sky bridges, almost like something out of Indiana Jones. You also get to repel into the valley at the end of the tour.”

Semon told KVUE they see folks of all ages and everyone has different interests.

“You get to see the whole range. You get the folks that are adventure lovers at heart, nothing phases them. They just come out and have a great time and relax, and just enjoy being out in the environment. Then you see people really conquer fears.”

Whether you’re looking to conquer your fears, convalesce in nature, or just need a night out of the city, Cypress Valley Canopy Tours is a true Texas Treasure.

For more information, visit Cypress Valley Canopy Tours HERE.