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Netflix released 5 live-action holiday films this season. Should you watch them?

We watched all five of Netflix's newest live-action holiday films and are here to tell you which are worth your time.

It's the holiday season, which means soon, you're probably going to be spending a lot of time lounging around the house with your family, eating sweets.

Why not watch a movie? And better yet, why not watch a new Christmas movie?

In addition to the stable of films they've released in the past, Netflix has put out five new live-action holiday films this season. But are they any good? We watched all of them and are here to tell you which are worth your time.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby

Should you watch it? Yes, if you're fine with more of the same but slightly worse. "A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby" largely follows the same patterns as the previous "Christmas Prince" installments ("A Christmas Prince" and "A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding," if you're out of the loop). If you liked those, you might like this one – but it does have a few new elements that do nothing to help the formula. Read our full review.

Let It Snow

Should you watch it? Yes! "Let It Snow" is John Hughes + John Green + Christmas coziness. By the end, this Gen Z Brat Pack will have you feeling as warm and sugary as a mug of hot cocoa. Unless you're a total grinch. Read our full review.

The Knight Before Christmas

Should you watch it? Probably not, but we'll understand if you do. "The Knight Before Christmas" is extremely silly, a little stale and the product placement is out of control. But it's also very big on the glories of hot chocolate and fresh bread and the knight is kind and gallant, as knights should be. It's not a masterpiece, but it gets the job done. Read our full review.

Holiday in the Wild

Should you watch it? Yes, if you're feeling desperate. "Holiday in the Wild" is pretty unremarkable and relies heavily on the viewer 1) really wanting to just watch a holiday rom-com and 2) believing Rob Lowe and Kristen Davis have chemistry. Whether or not that's you is a personal choice. Read our full review.

Holiday Rush

Should you watch it? No. No, you should not. Here's why.

Have yourself a merry little binge-fest!

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