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Lisa Marie Presley Died With $4 Million in Debt, Had Multiple Life Insurance Policies: Report

Lisa Marie Presley Died With $4 Million in Debt, Had Multiple Life Insurance Policies: Report

New reporting regarding Lisa Marie Presley's finances is shining a light on the singer's life, and the sizable payout from life insurance policies following her shocking death.

Lisa Marie may have been in debt to the tune of millions of dollars when she died on Jan. 12, TMZ reported on Monday.

The outlet claims, however, that the singer's estate will be getting $35 million from two different life insurance policies -- one set to pay $25 million, and the other $10 million.

The outlet further claims that, in order to pay off her $4 million debts, Lisa Marie attempted to cash in one of the life insurance policies early. The policy would have gotten her $2 million, but the report claims that, due to a mix-up in paperwork, it was never actually cashed in.

The report claims that around $2.5 million of her debt was to the IRS and that Lisa Marie spent over $100 million throughout her adult life.

ET reached out to Lisa Marie's rep for comment.

Family sources told TMZ that the daughter of Elvis and Priscilla Presley was allegedly on an extreme weight loss regimen and taking opioids in the months prior to her death.

Sources told the outlet that Lisa Marie had plastic surgery and began taking weight loss medication two months before stepping out for the Golden Globes, which became her final public appearance. As a result of the regimen, the outlet reported that Lisa Marie lost 40 to 50 pounds in six weeks.

The outlet additionally reported, citing family sources, that Lisa Marie was taking opioids again, an addiction she'd long struggled with.

At the Golden Globes, which Lisa Marie attended in support of the Austin Butler-led biopic Elvis, she seemed to struggle on the red carpet, as she had difficulty standing during interviews and needed assistance walking. It was just two days later that Lisa Marie died after suffering cardiac arrest. She was laid to rest at Graceland shortly thereafter.


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