AUSTIN, Texas — Aihe Guo picked Austin to make his U.S. debut because he says people were nice here.

Guo said strangers even said hi to him during his first visit to the Texas Capital.

So when it was time for Guo to decide where to host his U.S. exhibition, there was no doubt in his mind: It had to be Austin.

Since Feb. 9, the Russell Collection Fine Art Gallery on West Sixth Street downtown is home to roughly 70 pieces of what he is renowned for: Sancai glazed ceramics.

Chinese Art
Jenni Lee

The artist is known for creating the unique orange glaze that he uses in all of his ceramics.

Combine that with the certain technique he uses that his exhibition is named after, "2000 Farenheit," and the artist explained through his son and interpreter, how no two pieces are alike.


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An arts district was supposed to pop up in Austin at the beginning of 2019. Now, it's been delayed.

"The glaze and the high heat, they become liquid. They give us Sancai, unpredictability. Every single piece is unique; there's no way to duplicate it, even himself," said Jackson Guo, who is an artist himself. 

The younger Guo even has a few pieces on display and proudly told KVUE's Jenni Lee that he even sold two.

The exhibition runs at the Russell Collection Fine Art Gallery until Feb. 28.

The older Guo has shown all around the world including in France, Germany, Greece and Australia.