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Pamela Comme

Meet Reporter Pamela Comme.
Credit: John Gusky

Pamela Comme joined KVUE as a multi-skilled journalist in September 2021.

Pamela is a Florida native who grew up in Miami and graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor’s degree in telecommunication. She is also getting her master’s in mass communication, specializing in social media at her alma mater.

As a student, Pamela worked as a reporter and anchor for WUFT in Gainesville, Florida, where she covered stories of immigration, domestic violence, education and mental health.

Right before joining KVUE, Pamela worked as an intern at KVUE's sister station, 9NEWS, in Denver, Colorado.

Pamela has wanted to be a reporter since she was about seven years old. Her brother was a victim of gun violence when she was only 16, and her career path was made clear at that point. This moment allowed her to understand a new spectrum of ideas, events and situations. It gave her the ability to easily empathize – an important tool for journalists.

Outside of work, Pamela loves to travel, spend time with family and her twin sister. Yeah, she has a twin. And, fun fact, they look nothing alike. Most of the time, people do not even believe they are related.

Her Colombian mom and Dominican dad made sure to teach her Spanish. Pamela is a native Spanish speaker, making her fully bilingual in both English and Spanish.

You can follow Pamela on Twitter and Instagram.

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