More showers and cooler weather is expected

More cold and wet weather is on the way.

Since Sunday evening, most of Central Texas has been starving for sunshine. The Climate Prediction Center’s past week forecasts of above average temperatures and near or slightly above average precipitation has been seen and felt in various areas from the Hill Country north to Burnet County and even as farther south and east to Fayette County.

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With that said, we have also witnessed a mixed bag of weather events the last 20 hours including warm and muggy conditions to experiencing a large temperature spread as cool as 39 degrees and as warm as 72 degrees. Of course, scattered thunderstorms dumping anywhere from a 0.25” to 0.75” of rain in a single event has continued to complicate travel across Central Texas as well.

Tuesday night’s cold front passage resulted in a nearly 20-degree drop in surface temperatures in less than 2 hours. With 90 percent of the Lone Star State being classified as abnormally dry to being under extreme drought by the Climate Prediction Center, the areas that needed the rain most have had a welcoming receipt of precipitation.

Moving forward, tonight’s conditions will once again trend cooler than the average by nearly 10 degrees. Some patchy freezing drizzle is possible after midnight out towards the Hill Country with some limited icing on exposed surfaces such as cars, bridges, and perhaps overpasses.

Expect a slow climb above freezing by mid-morning for most locations but remaining under overcast skies and roughly a 40 percent chance for scattered showers. Some moderate warming is expected by the end of the week as daytime highs make an attempt to approach 70 on Friday and certainly crossing that threshold of 70 on Saturday. Rain chances nonetheless shall continue both days of around 40 percent.

A few reminders to keep on your radar: never attempt to drive through fast-moving water cascading over roadways, be sure to turn on headlights in the overcast skies and rain showers, and lower your speeds to allow a safe area between you and other vehicles in the event of a sudden stop.

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