WWE is giving the Astros a custom championship belt

Triple H, Josh Reddick's favorite WWE superstar, tweeted that the WWE will present the Astros with a special championship belt.

The Houston Astros got some support from the WWE in their run to their first ever World Series championship, and now they're getting a special title to add to their accolades.

This week, WWE superstar Triple H tweeted that the WWE will present the Astros with a special championship belt when the WWE comes to the Toyota Center for Survivor Series on November 19.

It's a tradition for the WWE to highlight celebrity fans in the audience when shows are broadcast on TV or on the WWE network, so expect Josh Reddick and a few of his teammates to be there sitting ringside and for them to receive special recognition during the broadcast.

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Reddick made headlines in 2015 when he went public with his WWE fandom and that has carried over to his time with the Astros.

He's been spotted with a custom championship belt in the locker room before.

Back in 2015, Reddick wrote a piece for the Players' Tribune in which he listed his top five favorite wrestlers of all time. Two were Texans: Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold Steve Austin. His No. 1 was Triple H.

His No. 4 was Ric Flair, who's signature "WOO!" became a familiar cry during Astros home games at Minute Maid Park. The Nature Boy even recorded a "Play Ball" video that Houston used during the playoffs.

Overall, it's good to be an Astros fan right now, especially if you're also a WWE fan.