Nearly $72K in cash found during drug bust in WilCo

Both men are facing criminal drug charges.

Police busted two men after finding narcotics and nearly $72,000 worth of cash in their home.

The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office Organized Crime Unit, Special Tactics and Response (STAR) Team, Patrol Division Crime Scene Unit and the Hutto Police Department Street Crimes Unit responded to a search warrant at a North Austin residence on Jan. 29.

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Authorities responded to the warrant after an investigation revealed narcotics were being sold from the residence.

During the search, police found 3.2 pounds of marijuana, 11.9 grams of THC "Wax", 2.8 grams of Psilocybin Mushrooms, 22 vials of THC Oil and $71,562 in cash.

Police apprehended Jeffery Stahursky and Daniel Stahursky and both men are facing criminal drug charges.

“Let this serve as a reminder to all drug-related criminals that the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office is committed to ridding drugs in our county,” said Sheriff Robert Chody.

Chody earlier tweeted, "Thanks for the money, drug dealers!"