SXSW 'wellness' panel expert under fire for controversial HIV, vaccine views

Among other "wellness" centered beliefs, Dr. Kelly Brogan has come under fire for her views on HIV/AIDS and vaccines.

The SXSW Festival organizers are under fire this week after releasing the names of their 2018 Welness Expo Advisory board.

At the center of the controversy, is Dr. Kelly Brogan, a holistic women's health psychiatrist who had spoken previously at SXSW events.

Dr. Brogan has a long resume. She received psychiatric training at NYU Medical after graduating from Cornell University Medical College. She also has a degree from MIT in Systems Neurosciences and has authored a New York Times bestseller.

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It's not her background, but her views that have folks on and other social sites calling for change.

Among other "wellness" centered beliefs, Brogan has come under fire for her views on HIV/AIDS and vaccines.

In a now removed web post, Brogan wrote about HIV, pregnancy and the involvement of pharmaceutical companies, seeming to question "a meme that we hold on to societally, as truths," when talking about HIV causing AIDS.

The Department of Health and Human Services, through, hold that HIV leads to AIDS: the most severe phase of the HIV infection.

While SXSW didn't respond to request for comments, Dr. Brogan provided the following statement in regards to the disagreements online

"As the target of many astroturfing campaigns (exposed by reporter Sharyl Attkisson), it is essential to recognize the industry agenda that underlies efforts to suppress evidence-based inquiry into consensus medical practice. No one should be threatened by efforts to provide the public with tools for informed consent around their health care. I believe in science-based patient empowerment and will continue to support those who wish to reclaim their health through lifestyle change. "