'Drop the pickaxe': Man shot, killed after charging at officers with weapon, police say

A man died after an officer-involved shooting in East Austin.

A man allegedly ran at officers with a pickaxe before he was shot and killed by five officers in East Austin Wednesday morning.

At 4:18 a.m., Austin police said they received a disturbance call in the 4800 block of Tanney Street near Springdale Road.

The caller told police that he had killed his father and brother and that he had taken a shower. He said that when police arrived on the scene, they would find the bodies and the murder weapon inside of the home.

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According to Austin Interim Police Chief Brian Manley, several officers arrived on scene five minutes after the call.

Police said they made contact with the person who made the call in the middle of the street. He was identified by police as a 46-year-old Hispanic man.

At first, officers were communicating with the suspect several homes away from his location over a public announcement system, Manley said.

Manley said in the video captured at the scene, officers could be heard giving commands to the man to drop his weapon: "We don't want anyone to get hurt here today. Please, drop the weapon. Please, drop the pickaxe."

Manley said after 10 minutes of trying to gain compliance from the man and getting him to move closer to their location, the officers made the decision to move closer to the man. At that moment, they called the man by his name and commanded him to drop his weapon.

As the suspect approached the house, Manley said officers used a less lethal form of ammunition on him.

However, Manley said the suspect was seen on video using a chair to block the rounds from officers.

"Then, we see happen, the subject raises his pickaxe and comes at the officers in a rapid pace, and the officers fired at the suspect... he then goes down in the driveway," Manley said.

After the suspect was down, Manley said the officers moved in and called for medics. The man was pronounced deceased at the scene.

Police said after searching inside the man's home they did not discover any other bodies.

Officers did, however, find what they believe to be a suicide note on one of the home's doors.

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Manley confirmed that five officers were involved in the shooting and they will all be placed on administrative duty, as is standard practice for the department. Three officers were involved in firing less-lethal rounds at the suspect. Manley said they also will be on administrative duty.

"My heart. The department's heart and the city's heart goes out to this family," Manley said.