Checking irrigation systems ahead of spring

A local man gave KVUE some tips when it comes to checking your irrigation systems in preparation for spring.

As winter comes to an end, baby bluebonnets have started to spring up in Dale Kohler's yard.

Kohler lives in the Balcones Woods neighborhood and is preparing his lawn for visitors.

"It's just beautiful landscaping here,” Kohler said. “I wanted to sort of keep up with that and have our house look nice. And I've been working on it all these years."

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But, there are watering do's and don'ts.

"Plants don't need as much water as you think,” said Hank Rutkowski, who oversees irrigation and landscaping for ABC Home & Commercial Services.

Rutkowski said check for leaks, especially after this winter's freezes.

“All the components that are in the ground are plastic, mostly, and rubber,” he said. “So if it got cold, things may have contracted and don't sit right."

Also, check your sprinkler controller.

"A lot of times as we get into more water restrictions, the times you can water really change,” said Rutkowski.

And if you turned off your double check valve -- usually located in an underground box in your yard -- make sure the water is on.

All of this will to save you time and money.

According to Cedar Park utility officials, during the summer months, more than 50 percent of the water used at residential locations is for irrigation purposes.

Kohler puts his heart and soul into his yard -- all for his granddaughters.

"The 4-year-olds love playing here and running around,” he said. “I've got a little area over there that they call their restaurant."

His yard is a reflection of hard work.

"Sort of a sense of accomplishment,” Kohler said. “When you can actually mow and say hey I finished something!"