Water leak causes health concerns for mother and children

A Hays County mother worries her children's health is at risk. She called the KVUE Defenders for help.

Water flooded Janette Rodriguez’s property two months ago.

Since then, the water remained.

“I have kids. I don’t want them to get sick,” said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez lives at the home behind Highway 21 Auto Group in Neiderwald, Texas.

“There’s green stuff everywhere,” said Rodriguez.

She told the KVUE Defenders the Auto Group was responsible and the smell concerned her. The water sits in front of her house, between her porch and chicken coop. Rodriguez says her children can’t play in the yard safely. Their trampoline sunk into the ground next to the water.

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“The aroma would just hit you. It just smelled like sewer,” said Rodriguez.

Her family asked KVUE Defenders to investigate.

We tested the water and sent the samples to Environmental Laboratory Services in Austin.

Then, we drove the neighboring business to see why the fix is taking so long.

"Sorry for the long time it has been, we are trying to fix it,” said Sergio Lozano, the owner’s son.

Lozano said they called a plumber two months ago and found out the leak wasn't from a sewer line.

“It wasn't the septic. It was something else,” said Lozano.

The owner said they thought they had it fixed, but their water bill showed a leak still exists somewhere.

“Our priority is to fix it as quickly as we can so they are happy and we are happy,” said Lozano.

The lab results of the sampled water did contain low levels of fecal coliform. It is not in high enough to be considered sewage.

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