Does It Work Wednesday: Booty Maxx

Quita Culpepper and Body Business fitness expert Mark Brown put Booty Maxx to the test in this Does it Work Wednesday.

It's a new year and you know what that means: plenty of people are rushing to find a fitness routine.

The Booty Maxx promises to give you the perky posterior you've been wanting, by tightening glutes, thighs, calves, quads and more.

Here's a fun fact: with all of the sitting we do, physical therapists say many suffer from "glute amnesia" -- so your rear-end muscles forget how to move and support you, so you end up saggy.

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Body Business fitness expert Mark Brown is helping put Body Maxx to the test. It takes a few minutes to put together.

"What we're using for resistance is tubing or a resistance band," Brown said.

Attach the Booty Maxx band to the ankle wrap and you're ready to exercise. It also comes with a booklet outlining the seven rump-crunching exercises you can do. Mark ran through some of the workouts.

"The standing leg does get a little bit of work as well," he said."It is simple, it's not bad."

You can also unhook the band and use it to work your upper body. Booty Maxx does work your muscles, but the plastic frame is a little more flimsy than we'd like.

"There's only so much resistance the band will provide me over time," Brown said.

After a while, the band will stretch out or break.

So what does Brown think about this product? Booty Maxx won't get a bum rap.

"It's working some muscles and some movements that we all need," he said. "But I could find a resistance band on my own for about a quarter of the cost and do as many exercises if not more."

So this could be way for beginners to give fitness a try, if they're willing to spend the money.

Brown gives the Booty Maxx a thumb in the middle. You can find Booty Maxx at Fry's for about $50.