Does it Work: Bavarian Edge Knife Sharpener

One product promises to sharpen knives in a matter of seconds, no matter the knife.

So many people have a drawer full of knives in their kitchen, but some are probably so dull they won't cut anything.

Now, one product promises to sharpen them in seconds, no matter the knife.

A dull knife can make slicing and dicing a chore but the Bavarian Edge Knife Sharpener said their product makes all your knives razor sharp in seconds.

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KVUE's Quita Culpepper found a couple of knives with seriously dull blades. And trying to saw through a rock makes them even worse. Time for Bavarian Edge to do its thing.

There are two independent spring action sharpeners that flex and contour to all kinds of blades.

You simply pull the knife through the opening and hold your knife at different angles, depending on whether it's serrated or not.

One old butter knife wouldn't cut anything. But after going through the Bavarian Edge, it's gone from frightfully dull to a slicing machine.

Culpepper grabbed another dull knife and gave it a few passes through the Bavarian Edge. Afterward, not only does it slide through a thick tomato, a tough pineapple is no match for the newly sharpened blade.

The sharpener even peeled thin layers away from a plastic card to turn it into an awesome cutting instrument.

Bavarian Edge did exactly what it promised.

This product gets a thumbs up.