Best and worst Black Friday deals

As you prepare for Thanksgiving, many are already creating a plan of attack for Black Friday sales.


As you prepare for Thanksgiving, many are already creating a plan of attack for Black Friday sales.

While you can get good deals on Friday, you may want to wait on a few items.

Wallet Hub Analyst Jill Gonzalez says 80 percent of items are still cheapest on Black Friday, but added almost 20 percent are less expensive beforehand.

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She said items like computers, phones and jewelry might be a little bit more expensive on Black Friday than they are at some store sales going on right now.

She suggests waiting to buy those items until Cyber Week sales.

Video Games are the best item to buy on Black Friday.

"On Black Friday itself, video games see the steepest discount but those are just the games themselves, the actual software, not the gaming system, so if you have video games on your list, definitely shop for them on Black Friday,” said Gonzalez.

There are also good deals on big appliances and furniture.

"Consumers still do most of their holiday shopping on Black Friday, both in stores and online,” said Gonzalez. “This year, in fact, consumers have upped their projected spending to about $950 per person, whereas last year, it was more like $800. So, people are ready to get out there and shop.”

According to Gonzalez, the average discount in stores is 40 percent.

“So if you see anything less than that, you can probably take it out of the cart,” said Gonzalez.

According to Wallet Hub, Macy's has the best deals this year with an average of 64 percent off items.

“Macy's is number one this year. The average discount there is around 64 percent off, and there are some that go even higher than that. If you're heading to places like Costco, Big Lots, Sam’s club - that's something you might want to avoid on black Friday because they tout pretty good deals all year long. You're only looking at an average savings of 25 percent off," said Gonzalez.

Here in Central Texas, Jaclyn Dowdle is the marketing manager for Noonday Collection. The company works with artisans from all over the world to produce fair trade jewelry to sell here in the US.

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“What girl doesn’t like jewelry, especially fair trade jewelry,” said Dowdle.

The company is also gearing up for Black Friday sales. They say people are already asking what sales they can expect.

“It does generate a lot of sales for us online,” said Dowdle. “We’re a direct sales company, so this is a good way for us to generate online sales when we don’t normally.”

But she said you actually have more time to shop their sale.

“We run the sale from Black Friday to Giving Tuesday, so it’s actually a five-day sale,” said Dowdle.

So if you don’t feel like hitting the big box stores on Black Friday, you can shop their online sale and plan for more sales on Cyber Monday.

“As you kind of ramp up for your holiday shopping, just remember giving a gift with a purpose always has a lot of meaning... we try to promote all of our fair trade products through the holiday season as gifting with purpose,” said Dowdle.