Want a free SXSW wristband? Find out how to be a volunteer before it's too late!

SXSW announced its final call to sign up and be a volunteer worker for the SXSW festival. Perks include receiving a badge to any of the Interactive, Music, and Film portions of the festival! MORE INFO ==>

Want a free badge to either the Film, Music, or Interactive portions of SXSW?

Well, there is a way to secure one of these highly coveted badges, and here's how: volunteer.

SXSW has an online volunteer registration, where locals may sign up and be eligible to rack up certain perks, such as snagging a badge to different portions of the SXSW festival.

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There are two different types of volunteering options, each with its own requirements: All-conference volunteers and music venue volunteers.

Here's how it all breaks down:


Music Venue

Min. Age

16+(under 18 w/ parent permission)

21+(except Outdoor stage, 18+)

Time Commitment

24-64+ hours

24-32+ hours

Required training

Video + quiz, Group training session

Video + quiz, Venue Walk-thru, Group training session

Release & Waiver of Liability



Policy & Guidelines




March 5-18

March 12-17

SXSW shared this YouTube video which explains the registration process and how to qualify for different perks:

To register, click here.