Harvey evacuee who moved to SA gives birth to baby boy

On top of losing everything and having to leave their home after Hurricane Harvey, Hannah and Daniel Hall were also preparing for the birth of their first child.

A Houston family who lost everything due to Hurricane Harvey was forced to take shelter in San Antonio, all with a baby boy on the way.

It’s been a tough four months for them but they say it’s been worth it.

Benjamin Steven Hall was born to Daniel and Hannah Hall last week.

“This Christmas is going to be my favorite, ‘cause I got a Christmas present,” Daniel said while helping take care of his new baby.

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His arrival is a blessing after a bumpy few months.

“I mean, look at us. We had a huge curveball, never experienced anything like it. Yet, we’re in a great city, we got a lot of our stuff back, we’ve made new friends, great new jobs that are actually better, and got a beautiful baby boy,” he said.

Mom and dad have done well for themselves as they’ve got a new car, new apartment, and new jobs.

“People at work have been a huge blessing. They threw a surprise baby shower for [Hannah]. We had over 50 people.” Daniel said. “We did it, and had a huge baby shower and those gifts are incredible.”

They say that one day, they’ll use their recent trials to teach baby Benjamin his own life lessons.

“Just be strong,” Daniel said. “Life’s going to throw curveballs. Just be strong, go through it, everything will eventually work out.”