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About KVUE
September 12, 1971 -- KVUE-TV, Channel 24 or Channel 3 on Time Warner Cable, signed on the air at 4 p.m. with 'The Lawrence Welk Show.' KVUE is owned by TEGNA, Inc., which reaches approximately one-third of all television households in America.
On June 2, 2008, KVUE-TV began broadcasting in high definition. The comprehensive technological upgrade throughout the station means you get a crisper, clearer picture on a wider screen. Tune your digital cable box to Time Warner Cable channel 1200. KVUE-3 features regional doppler radar, weather forecasts and news headlines around the clock. That is available off the air on channel 24.3 or cable channel 1241. You'll find Estrella, news and entertainment in Spanish, on 24.2 or cable channel 811 (Time Warner Cable).
Where to Find KVUE
Spectrum (Time Warner Cable/Charter Cable)
  • ABC (KVUE D.1): 3 and 1200
  • Estrella (KVUE D.2): 811 and 1240
  • The Justice Network (KVUE D.3): 1241
  • ABC (KVUE D.1): 8250 and 5180
  • Estrella (KVUE D.2): 852
  • The Justice Network (KVUE D.3): 252
  • ABC (KVUE D.1): 3 and 803
  • Estrella (KVUE D.2): 271
  • The Justice Network (KVUE D.3): 272
  • ABC (KVUE D.1): 3 and 1003
  • Estrella: not carried
  • The Justice Network: not carried
  • ABC (KVUE D.1): 24
  • Estrella (KVUE D.2): 442
  • The Justice Network: not carried
Children's Programming
Reports on KVUE's educational/informational programs for children are required under FCC regulations to be placed in our public inspection file. The most recent report is available for public inspection during our regular business hours at 3201 Steck Avenue, Austin, Texas. This report contains information concerning KVUE's performance during the most recently completed calendar quarter. Further information concerning the Children's Television programming requirements may be obtained from the Federal Communications Commission, Washington, D.C. 20554

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