Intelligence expert: Aryan Brotherhood not responsible for Kaufman County slayings


by FOTI KALLERGIS / KVUE News and photojournalist DAVID GARDNER

Posted on April 2, 2013 at 7:41 PM

Updated Tuesday, Apr 2 at 7:41 PM

AUSTIN - It's unlikely the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas is responsible for the killings of two district attorney's in Kaufman County near Dallas, an Austin intelligence expert said Tuesday.

"It's easy to jump to conclusions without having all the evidence and facts in," said Frank Burton of Stratfor. "I think people are jumping to the conclusions based on the indictments this was potentially the Aryan Brotherhood."

On Saturday, Kaufman County District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife Cynthia were shot and killed in their home. In January, Kaufman County Assistant D.A. Mark Hasse was gunned down outside of the county courthouse.

"For a criminal enterprise such as the Aryan Brotherhood or even the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas to declare war on law-enforcement is a huge step which can only bring to the destruction of that organization," said Burton.

Burton said it's more likely that an Aryan Brotherhood spinter group carried out the executions. He said those type of groups are extrememly violent and brutal, and if the killer isn't caught, he will strike again.

"They're known to be brutal on informants. They're going to kill people, they're going to kill cops in the past," said Burton.

Investigators have their lips sealed in the Kaufman case. Since the lastest killings, armed guards have been escorting courthouse employees to work. The building will close Thursday so workers can attend a public memorial for McLelland and his wife. The funeral will be held Friday in Wortham where McLelland grew up.

"I think the really scary, I think, they show what can happen to society will let people take away our systems of justice or threaten them," said Anti-defamation League of Austin Director Renee Lafair. "Actually the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas is one of the most violent extremist groups in the country."

Lafair said there are more than 1,500 members in the group, directly linked to nearly three dozen murders since the year 2000. District Attorney McLelland and his prosecutors took down a ring of suspected Aryan Brotherhood members just months ago.

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