Central Texas woman loses 38 pounds and gains spot in online series


by JIM BERGAMO / KVUE News and photojournalist David Gardner

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Posted on November 23, 2012 at 7:58 PM

Updated Monday, Nov 26 at 12:08 PM

ROUND ROCK, Texas -- A Round Rock woman is one of ten winners in a nationwide contest, and she's feeling a lot healthier as a result. These days working out is a lot easier for 54-year-old Gail Shrine. Just three months and 38 pounds earlier that wasn't the case.

"I had the past-50 belly fat, which was annoying and made me tired and made me sad," said Shrine.  "Life just wasn't very exciting when you are overweight sometime, and I had to do something."  

That something was the Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge. Instead of diet pills, ViSalus promotes nutritional weight loss products designed to work with a 90-day exercise plan.

"There's this thinking, 'Oh I need to do this and it's going to take me a year," said Shrine. "It's distressing. People can focus on 90 days."

There was no "Photo-shopping" here. Contestants were required to chronicle their three month trek to better health with weekly uploaded videos on Youtube. Shrine worked out for 2-3 hours - 5 days a week.  Everything from gym workouts to kickboxing, racquetball and even rock climbing. Shrine was among 3,100 contestants, so -- despite her resolve to lose weight -- she wasn't sure if she'd be one of the ten winners of the Challenge Showdown.    

"I thought, 'I'm already a winner," she said. "I've already won. I've already lost the weight. I'm working out, and I have a better outlook on life."

When her name was called in St. Louis, Shrine became one of the ten Challenge Showdown winners who will now get to take part in an online series.

"I thought pinch me," said Shrine. "Is this real? Is this really me on this stage, because I don't win anything ever."

"The thing about watching Gail is it was real," said Blake Mallen, the Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of ViSalus. "It wasn't something that was fabricated, or someone who was trying too hard. It wasn't someone who's motive was to be an online show or win an award. You could tell she was really connected to her goal."  

Her success has led Shrine to promote just one simple message to those with the same weight loss goal.

"You can get in good health," she said. "It's not that hard. You don't have to take diet pills and do all these crazy surgeries. It's doable."

The online series will debut at the end of January. Shrine and the other nine winners will be brought to Hollywood for the red carpet treatment. She says she wants to provide encouragement for those in Central Texas who are committed to losing weight, but may be struggling through the tough times.  You can contact her via her website:  www.Bodybyvigirl.Biz