COTA hosts Formula Run Race


by ASHLEY GOUDEAU / KVUE News and Photojournalist JUSTIN TERRY

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Posted on November 3, 2012 at 6:28 PM

Updated Thursday, Nov 7 at 2:10 PM

ELROY, Texas -- Saturday morning the Circuit of the Americas hosted the first race at the F1 Grand Prix track in Elroy, but it wasn't the type of race you expect to see on the world class track. There were runners instead of race cars; tying their laces instead of starting their engines.

The home of the American Formula One race was the site of the Formula Run race. About 2,800 people registered, but 5,000 runners showed up. All vying to be the first to race on the track two weeks before the Grand Prix.

"It's the F1 track," exclaimed Stephen Chan who was running in the race. "Once in a lifetime chance to be one of the first people to actually run on it."

COTA partnered with RunTex to host the run.

"Austin is a running town, so to have the first COTA event be a running event is just the best thing that could happen to us as a running town," said RunTex Owner Paul Carrozza.

Most of the runners were taken back by the view.

"It made me wish I'd bought tickets to the race," laughed Nicole Jones. "It's a gorgeous track, it's going to be an exciting weekend."

"The whole thing is stunning," added Wesley Johnson. "It's huge, but it's graceful at the same time with all the turns and slopes and hills." 

"But that hill, the first, we had to climb the hill the first thing, I was like 'okay, okay, it's go to get easier after this,'" said Barbara Mercer.

The run did get easier. Johnson was the first to cross the finish line. He did it in a little over 18 minutes. And he says he's looking forward to coming back to the track, without his running shoes.

"I have some general admission tickets so I'll be bouncing around from grassy hill to grassy hill," said Johnson. 

A race thousands are excited to see. Especially now that the track has been broken in by Austin's runners.

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