Jasper goes home: Group to deliver dog not allowed on airlines


by Eric Gonzales


Posted on October 19, 2012 at 9:28 AM

SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- Last week KVUE sister station KENS reported about Jasper, a pit bull that was discharged from the military. Jasper's new owner couldn’t get an airline to transport the dog home. 

Jasper’s owner, Sgt. Jordan Lee, is in Afghanistan, and his wife is in Colorado Springs. 

Jasper was being trained to deploy with the sergeant when the dog suffered a heat stroke and was retired from the Army. 

Lee was deployed last April -- without Jasper  -- and he did not find out he was alive until two weeks ago.

That’s when the Lee asked his cousin, Paula Adams to help him get the dog home.

Paula tried to get Jasper on a plane to Colorado Springs, but was told no because Jasper is a pit bull.  

People all over the country stepped up to volunteer their services to get the dog home. 

“I never did hear from the airlines, not once. But the outpouring from the website was overwhelming and heartwarming,” said Adams.

She received help from Military Working Dog Adoptions . The non-profit group finds homes for dogs that are retired from the military. They have transported more than 300 dogs, most often paying for it out of their own pockets. 

“We’re here in San Antonio. We’ve got to help Jasper,” said Louisa Vaughan, the local contact for the group. 

Three volunteers will each take a leg of the drive to get Jasper to Colorado. They hope to reach their destination by Saturday. Paula says Sgt. Lee is excited it's all coming together and hopes to see Jasper when he returns from his deployment in December.