Police investigating officer-involved shooting




Posted on May 8, 2013 at 5:21 PM

Updated Wednesday, May 8 at 10:13 PM

AUSTIN -- Police are investigating an officer-involved shooting.

The Austin Police Department says the incident began with a routine traffic stop on East 12th Street near Airport Boulevard the morning of May 8 when a 55-year-old man driving a red truck ran a red light.

When a police officer pulled him over for passing through an intersection illegally, the man reportedly got out of his truck and started walking toward the officer. When the officer told him to get back into his vehicle, police say the man went to reach for something in his pocket. That's when the officer fired a shot at the man but missed.

KVUE spoke with the man Wednesday afternoon. He says that's a lie. He did not want to go on camera but says he was totally innocent and unarmed when he was shot at.

Police tell KVUE that the man went back inside his truck and had a panic attack. He was taken to University Medical Center Brackenridge to be checked out.

"Subsequent to that shot being fired, the individual goes back into his vehicle and within minutes he suffers what I characterize as an anxiety attack or something of that nature. So we transported him to Brackenridge hospital where's he's in fine condition. He's fine," Police Chief Art Acevedo said.

Police searched the man's pickup truck after a few hours. They released the man with no arrest and no charges.

KVUE asked Chief Acevedo if he believes the APD officer was justified in using deadly force.

"I think I'm going to wait for the investigation to take its course," Acevedo said. "Anytime there's a furtive movement case, an incident where we use deadly force, it's critical that we take a really hard look at was the furtive movement reasonably interpreted as a suspect or individual reaching for a firearm. I can't do it taking one quick look at the video."

The entire event was recorded on the officer's dash camera, and police will be reviewing the tape to see if the officer acted properly.

The officer, who has been with APD for about four years, has been put on paid administrative leave.