Nine-year-old walks to save elephants


by HEATHER KOVAR/ KVUE News and Photojournalist JP HARRINGTON

Posted on July 14, 2013 at 5:59 PM

Updated Sunday, Jul 14 at 6:00 PM

AUSTIN -- On a walk with  Crosby Grace Kelly, you find out she enjoys the same things as other nine-year-old girls.

"I go to a dance school, and just hang out with my friends and my animals," says Crosby.

She has a love for animals, and owns quite a few pets. "I have six chickens, I have a cat, a dog, a fish and a bunny." She also has a pet project, to save the elephants, and that's why she's walking.

"I just want to protect them and save them because in less than ten years, if this poaching keeps on going on, there won't be anymore elephants," said Crosby.

The money will go to the Gallman African Conservancy, run by Kuki Gallman. She's the woman who wrote the autobiographical novel "I dreamed of Africa" which in 2000 was turned into a movie starring Kim Basinger.

Crosby has vowed to walk until she raises ten-thousand dollars. She's paired with Rosie Plaia, Founder and CEO of Different Rhythm Foundation" based in Austin.

"The vision is the co-existence of positive healing relationship of man and nature. And we want to influence that through conservation and rehabilitation," said Plaia.

She says they have projects in the works, including one in Africa. That's where Crosby fits in .
Notables from around the world have  heard about this walk and contacted her. She says even Gallman herself sent an email, saying "Thank you for this and God's speed. On behalf of the elephants, Kuki Gallman."

Crosby started  her walk before the sun came up. She'd already gone 15 miles when KVUE caught up with her.  She plans to rock on till she reaches her online social media fundraiser goal.

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