Guns allowed on campus in Central Texas


by Jessica Holloway / KVUE News

Posted on January 31, 2013 at 6:55 PM

Updated Monday, Feb 4 at 11:56 AM

MARBLE FALLS -- Teachers at one private school in the Hill Country tell KVUE their administrators are now allowing guns on campus. 

Terri Sellers is a private school teacher in Marble Falls. Sellers said teachers with concealed carry licenses can bring guns to the classroom.

"After the Sandy Hook shooting, I know as a teacher, I was very concerned about the safety at our school. You can't help but go through scenarios in your mind," Sellers said.

Sellers is married to firearms instructor, Jeff Sellers. Jeff trains at Copperhead Creek Shooting Club at Hidden Falls Adventure Park. 

Jeff and his training partner are working with school administrators to devise safety and training plans in the event of an active shooter on campus.

"This is in no way law enforcement training," Jeff said.

He said his goal is to train teachers on how to keep students safe in the critical moments after an active shooter arrives and before police get there.

"Average response time in the cities is between five to 10 minutes, and out in rural areas can be 10-20 minutes," said Jeff.

Jason Jewett practices recreationally at the gun range. His son goes to public school in Marble Falls.

"It's something you fear as a parent when they leave out the front door - are they going to be safe?" Jewett said.

"The parents really want more security on campus. They would feel much safer knowing there are certain teachers there who have the authority and ability to protect their students in a bad situation," Terri said.

Many people are concerned that an armed teacher could be mistakenly shot by police during the chaotic moments of a emergency.

Jeff suggests teachers wear special vests, post signs on their classroom doors and give an ID card to local law enforcement.