Austin doctor revisits mom's delivery room for Mother's Day



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Posted on May 12, 2013 at 12:50 PM

Updated Monday, May 13 at 10:17 AM

AUSTIN -- As mothers celebrate their special day this morning, one Austin doctor has a unique story to share.

As nurses and staff at St. David's Medical Center labor and delivery go about their business -- Dr. Christie Mileur takes a break from her rounds. The Austin native, UT graduate and OB/GYN reflects on when she interviewed for the job last year.

One of the CEO's asked me, 'Well how did you get here?' I said, 'Well, I was born here,'" said Mileur.  "So they were like, 'OK we haven't heard that before.'"

Christie was born September 30th, 1981. It's believed her mom delivered in room nine.
So does she get any nostalgic feelings when she reenters that room?

"If this was the room," she said. "If this is where it all started.  Yeah that's pretty special I think." 

Jan Antonietti has been a registered nurse at St. David's Medical Center for 36 years.  She says she may have been in the room when Christie came into the world.

"It's very neat," said Antonietti. "It's really the full circle of life.  It's what we do here, and being here so long has let me see that full circle."

Full circle because come July, Christie -- who was born at St. David's -- present when her brother was born there three years later -- who's been delivering babies at St. David's -- will give birth to her first child -- a boy -- at St. David's.

"Hopefully I can be in the same room that my mom was in when she delivered me," she said. "Even though I haven't delivered yet it is my first Mothers' Day, so it makes me very thankful for my mom."

Making this a very special Mother's Day for Christie, her immediate family and her hospital family at St. David's Medical Center.