Anger continues to build in Sandy's aftermath


by ANDREW CHUNG / KVUE News and editor ROB DIAZ

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Andrew Chung

Posted on November 2, 2012 at 5:43 PM

One look at the devastation in Staten Island gave a small idea of what residents were going through - four days after Sandy. You could hear the desperation in their voices.

"We're gonna die. We're gonna freeze. We got 90 year old people," said Donna Solli, a Staten Island resident.

For many people, it was just too much to bear. "We lost everything. You fix things, you try hard…you go to work every day…you do the best you can,” said another Staten Island resident inside his home.

In one Manhattan neighborhood, the situation was so bad, people were going into dumpsters to get food thrown out by restaurants.

Elsewhere in Manhattan, people stood in line for hours to get food and other supplies. "All the food we had to throw out of the refrigerator. So this is very needed right now," said Stephanie Laureano, a Manhattan resident.

Pastor Richard Del Rio says the frustration is real. "There's a sense of that they have no value. They see that other areas are being taken care of and they totally overlooked us.”

Police had to be brought in to maintain order at the gas stations.  People waited in line – as long as three hours.

Mike Abruzzo, a Staten Island resident, summed up the emotions of many in this region. "My youngest daughter yesterday, Faith, said 'Daddy, I want to go home.' I told her it's going to be a while. She doesn't understand. She's six," he said, choking up.

The National Guard began bringing bottled water and food into Staten Island.  A welcome sight - but for these people - going home couldn't come fast enough.