APD continues to work unsolved 2012 cases


by JESSICA HOLLOWAY / KVUE News and photojournalist ROBERT McMURREY


Posted on December 27, 2012 at 8:22 PM

Updated Friday, Dec 28 at 8:39 AM

AUSTIN -- Austin police are beginning to look ahead to a new year. But murders from 2012 remain unsolved and they could use the public's help.

2012 started off on a sad note with the New Year's day murder of Esme Barrera, a beloved Austin teacher. But 30 more deaths would plague Austin police detectives throughout the rest of the year.

"Twenty-seven of those murders have been solved and four are still being investigated," said Veneza Bremner from the Austin Police Department.

On July 24th, 49-year-old William Greer was found dead beaten to death on the hike and bike trail.

On September 7th, police said 22-year-old Louis Charles Allen was shot to death in a car off Mission Hill Drive.

On October 21st, police were called to a crash in the 5700 block of Loyola. After a fight at Club Escapade, police said someone forced Efren Gonzalez-Rojas Jr. to drive off the road and crash into a pole. 

And on November 12th Austin police were called to Alameda Trace Circle where 22-year-old Mohamad Omar was found shot to death inside the Riata Apartments.

"The detectives continue to work these cases. Even once somebody's charged they continue to work these cases with the DA's office all the way until prosecution," Bremner said.

There were several other high-profile murders this year including the shooting death of senior police officer, Jaime Padron on Good Friday.

Valerie Godoy was found beaten to death at Duncan Park. Police said Bimal Patel's wife poured gasoline on him and burned him to death. And Austin architect, Matt Casey, was beaten to death in the downtown Entertainment District.

Investigators have filed charges and closed these cases.

As for the ones that remain unsolved?

"The detectives will remain assigned to that case as long as they're assigned to that unit," Bremner said.