NORTH RICHLAND HILLS, Texas -- Dylan David spends some of his time sitting these days. He never used to do that.

"I always like to be moving," he said. "That has been a tough part of this."

The 22-year-old Hood County EMS worker had just finished his first 24-hour shift three weeks ago when his life took an unexpected turn on the ride home.

"My first thought was, 'My leg!'" he said.

David dozed off along Highway 377, and when he came to, his Mustang was totaled. His leg was bleeding badly. When he awoke in the hospital, he knew something was different.

"I kind of made this motion with my hand to my dad," he said.

David hit another car. That driver was OK. As a paramedic, he said he was instantly worried about the other person. Given the past three weeks to reflect, he realizes a cruel irony.

"Just hours before my accident, I was the one taking care of patients, getting them out of cars ... ironic, I was just getting started," he said.

But David, who is also a volunteer firefighter at Willow Creek, said he is determined to once again get back on the job.

He is expected to start physical rehabilitation in a few weeks. His family has established a fundraising website to raise money for medical bills and a prosthetic leg, which could cost upwards of $40,000.

"We have some insurance," he said. "But the support from everyone has just been incredible."

David says his co-workers are holding a spot for him, hoping he can eventually return to work in some form.

He said the thought of getting back for a "second day" as an EMS keeps him motivated.

"This is just a bump on the road. I'll be right back out there as soon as I can get a leg that will keep up with me," he said.

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