FORT WORTH -- Republican Greg Abbott will address the state GOP convention as his party's nominee for governor and the new face of conservative Texas politics.

The Texas attorney general is the favorite to win a November election that has attracted national attention against Democratic state Sen. Wendy Davis. On Friday, he addresses thousands of delegates gathered in Fort Worth.

In office since 2003, Abbott has successfully courted both tea party activists and traditional Republicans and has been a fundraising powerhouse.

But he has yet to excite many conservative grassroots activists as much as U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, who also addresses the convention Friday.

Both speeches come as delegates wrangle over language on immigration and gay Texans including in the 2014 party platform, which is to be voted on later this week.

Go here for more information on the Texas GOP Convention.

The Texas Democratic Convention will be held at the end of June. News 8 will also have coverage of that event.

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