AUSTIN -- About a thousand educators from across Texas gather for the Association of Texas Professional Educators summit each year to designate awards, give scholarships and on Thursday, they learned about their gubernatorial candidates' stances on education.

Both the newly hired and retired weighed in on issues plaguing Texas' education system. The main talking points: funding and testing.

"We want someone who cares and is not just going to make decisions based upon what they see from the outside," said Leah Doughty, a student teacher from Abilene.

She and a thousand of her colleagues packed the Austin Convention Center to hear Gubernatorial candidates Wendy Davis and Greg Abbott announce their education platforms.

Democratic Wendy Davis revealed her education platform with pushes for reinstating funds cut in 2011, paying teachers what they deserve and unburdening educators.

"Greg Abbott has shown that he does not believe that we should support our public schools by providing them with public resources, said Democrat Wendy Davis. "He has been fighting for several years in court to keep those cuts in place".

Attorney General Greg Abbott (R) said that is not the case.

"My goal is to ensure Texas education becomes number one in the nation," Abbott said.

In 2011, in what Davis calls her 'much lesser known' filibuster, she tried to prevent $4 billion in education funds from being cut.

"He's acting today to keep those cuts in place," Davis said of her opponent.

After opposing reinstating those funds, Abbott now says he supports giving teachers and students what they need.

"That means in part funding it in a way that will allow us to achieve that goal, but in another part working with the teachers, the organizations and especially the students in the classroom to ensure they have all the resources they need to elevate to the number one ranking in the country," Abbott said.

In a battle for the governor's office, it's teachers like the ones at the ATPE summit, who's careers hang in the balance and their votes which will help decide.

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