HUTTO, Texas -- There was a reception around 4:30 p.m. in Hutto, Texas Tuesday that was fitting for a rock star but instead the excitement and anticipation was over seven beagles rescued from a laboratory near the Texas-Mexico border.

A non-profit called Beagle Freedom Project says they've rescued more than 200 beagles since 2010 after laboratories were done using them for testing.

"Dogs are tested on everything from your typical products in your household like your dish washing liquid, laundry detergent, your toothpaste, your makeup and then of course your pharmaceuticals as well," says Shannon Keith, president of the Beagle Freedom Project.

The seven beagles rescued Tuesday from an unnamed lab somewhere near the Texas-Mexico border had never been outside and few had much human contact.

The seven animals will go to foster homes until they can be adopted.

It wasn't clear how the dogs were doing medically, however when they were released from their crates they seemed peaceful and the vast majority were mesmerized by the grass in the backyard.

"I wouldn't want myself or my wife or any of my friends or family to be tested on for my vanity, so why should we allow these dogs and other pets that don't have a voice. It's not right," said Martin Palmer, a Hutto resident who rescued a beagle in February they named Elvis.

"It took a while for him to get used to certain things. We [would] give him a dog treat. He wasn't quite sure how to eat it so he kind of watched the other dogs and figure out how to hold a treat with his paws and eat it," said Palmer.

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