AUSTIN-- The date for next year's Formula 1 Grand Prix has been set, and although it doesn't coincide with a UTfootball game again, it does coincide with another big weekend.

The Circuit of the Americas announced Wednesday that the U.S. Grand Prix will be held Oct. 31-Nov. 2 - Halloween weekend.

Every year Halloween is a big event in Austin, and thousands of people head downtown to celebrate wearing costumes. This means Fan Fest, the four-day festival held downtown during race weekend, will be held at the same time as Halloween celebrations.

This year organizers say 250,000 people attended FanFest.

COTAChairman Bobby Epstein says the weekend for the big race was chosen logistically.

We are pleased that our date falls on a weekend that doesn't conflict with any major conventions scheduled for Austin, due to the impact that kind of overlap could have on hotel availability. In early November, Central Texas hotels are wide open, and it s beautiful time of year to visit Austin and experience our immersive Formula 1 weekend, Epstein said.

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For more information on Circuit of the Americas go here.

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