Companies have been shedding workers since the recession, but a couple of Texas-based businesses are in the top 20 of companies inS&P 500 that have added the most employees over the last five years.

Richardson-based Fossil comes in at number 12 on the list. Fossil makes and designs fashion accessories like watches and jewelry. Oil and natural gas company Newfield Exploration of Houston came in at number 20.

But jobs in Texas are much more plentiful compared with other areas of the country. The Perryman Group says over the last 10 years Texas employment was up by 17.5 percent while employment around the nation only gained 3.4 percent.

Airlines are adding fees at every turn, but Texas-based Southwest Airlines says don't expect the low fare carrier to start adding baggage fees. TheCEO says adding baggage fees would drive away customers.

The first federal lawsuit in Texas to keep the Keystone Pipeline from moving forward has been filed in Lufkin. A Texas farmer is fighting to stop the pipeline from crossing his property because he says theUS Amy Corps of engineers failed to hold required public hearings before granting permits that let Transcanada from installing the Keystone Pipleine in Texas and Oklahoma.

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