When it comes to air carrier websites, Dallas-based Southwest Airlines scores the top spot for the best customer experience. This is according to a new study by internet monitoring company, Keynote. US Airways, which is looking to merge with Texas-based American Airlines, ranked first in terms of the site with the fastest technical responsiveness.

Drought conditions from Texas to North Dakota will ease through the end of July according to the National Weather Service. Current drought conditions now cover 48 percent of the country down from 61 percent at the start of the year. Southern counties in Texas are still in exceptional drought stages, and at the driest possible level, as those regions missed out on some of the recent wet weather.

On a final note about the tragedy in West. That community is a farming community and many small towns across Texas tied to the agricultural economy have similar fertilizer facilities in their communities. Those highly-regulated businesses across the state supply farmers with fertilizer used to add nitrogren to the soil and boost crop yeilds and is an essential part of modern farming.

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