CEDAR PARK -- A Great Dane made quite the traffic stop Friday morning.

Cedar Park residents, Aquilla and Sheree Fleetwood, said on their morning commute they noticed traffic slowing down at Cypress Creek Road, near Bell Boulevard.

"At first what seemed like a small horse... turned out to be a female Great Dane," they said. The Great Dane was standing in a turning lane.

Traffic continued to move until they noticed red and blue lights.

A police officer had stopped to help.

Officer Camacho of the Cedar Park Police Department started coaxing the dog to his patrol car, and he was able to leash the frightened animal, the residents said.

"Officer Camacho was able to give her a second chance at life," they said.

The Great Dane named Lily was safely returned to her family.

Officer Camacho and the Great Dane posed for a photo, and both look happy to be on safe ground.

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