Peyton and Eli make triumphant sequel to rap video

In 2013, Peyton and Eli Manning announced to the world that you could get football on your phone. The quarterback brothers rapped through the streets of New Orleans, making fun of Alexander Graham Bell with reckless abandon.

In 2014, the brothers have returned, promising a fantasy football fantasy. The fantasy begins with Eli (probably) arriving home from the polo convention to find Peyton enjoying a comfortable pair of dad jeans.

Enter the fog machine and autotune. You might be wondering if the brothers are still great rappers -- they are.

Like any Manning Bros. production, there are cameos. Chris Johnson is a barber …and Joe Namath is making "stew."

But what about Archie? Where's Archie!?

Archie is in space.

So far, it's a pretty solid sequel but let's be honest, we've seen all of this before.

By Cooper's beard, Peyton is the moon.

You've done it again, football brothers.

How does it stack up to the original?


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