How to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius

For Americans, temperatures in Fahrenheit are a way of life, but this weekend Central Texas will host a lot of Formula 1 guests from Europe and the Americas who are used to measuring temperatures in Celsius.

To convert from one scale to the other, you want to keep two numbers in mind: 32 and 1.8.

Fahrenheit toCelsius:

Example: You have a temperature of 81 degrees Fahrenheit.

To convert from Fahrenheit to Celsius, subtract 32 from the temperature. So, 81 32 = 49.

Then divide 49 by 1.8.

That gives you 27 degrees Celsius.

Celsius to Fahrenheit:

Multiply the temperature, 27, by 1.8. 27x1.8 roughly equals 49.

Then add 32 to 49.

That will give you 81 degrees Fahrenheit.


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