Jeweler sues Cowboys' Ware for alleged $43,000 outstanding bill

DeMarcus Ware

Credit: WFAA

Dallas Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Ware talked with Dale Hansen at training camp in Oxnard, California on July 23, 2013.




Posted on October 15, 2013 at 4:16 PM

DALLAS –– An Addison jeweler is suing Dallas Cowboy DeMarcus Ware for $42,967, the amount she alleges the defensive end failed to pay for a custom bracelet that took “countless hours” to complete. 

According to the suit, which was filed in a Dallas County district court on Monday, Ware ordered his wife the bracelet in Dec. 2010 from Gillespie Jewelers, a “renowned designer of fine, custom jewelry.”  

Kim Gillespie, the store’s owner, agreed to complete it by Christmas and followed through on that promise, the suit says. Days before the holiday, Ware traveled to Addison and picked up the bracelet. He promised to pay for it “in the near future.” 

Gillespie alleges that date never came. Ware sent Gillespie an email telling her his wife loved the bracelet. It was a tad big, though, so Ware had it resized in early 2011.

The suit, which includes two exhibits of photos of Ware posing with Gillespie and the bracelet, says he and his wife, Taniqua, began having relationship problems. Soon, their home was on the market and Ware was outright dodging talks of compensation, the plaintiff argues. 

An unnamed representative began handling the talks. Instead of monetary compensation, Ware’s spokesperson said he would do a commercial for the store. Talks quickly disintegrated; the suit says Gillespie was redirected to an Atlanta-based sports agent who “refused to communicate with Gillespie Jewelers.” 

The agent refused to speak with them and Ware never returned to pick up the bracelet after it was resized, according to the suit. 

“By this time, it was clear that Ware was not going to pay for the bracelet, even though he ordered it, designed it, approved it, took delivery of it, gave it to his wife, and confirmed the above in emails of thanks and praise,” the suit reads. “Apparently, Ware did not want to spend money on something that he would likely lose in a divorce.” 

News 8 has reached out to the Cowboys for comment, but the organization has yet to respond. Ware, however, will be served the civil lawsuit at his Southlake home, where he’s likely recovering from a strained right quadriceps injury suffered Sunday night against the Washington Redskins.