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Clynch Blogs: My Take: On Dez Bryant vs Lions

by Shawn Clynch-KVUE Sports


Posted on October 28, 2013 at 9:43 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 13 at 12:12 PM

I saw it with my own eyes. I heard sportstalk radio berate, criticize, and praise Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant for his actions on the sidelines late in the game at Detroit this past Sunday.

I believe the immature comments are overkill.

The Cowboys need more emotion and passion from other players similar to that of Bryant and linebacker Sean Lee.

The quick trigger fans and media alike tend to press is calling out Bryant and associating him with his past.

Sunday's emotional outburst had absolutely nothing to do with his past.

That was a guy simply expressing his desire to win and was upset at how the Cowboys offense was inept and not playing at a championship level. Was he out of control to an extent? Maybe!

The Dallas defense, despitie allowing 600+ yards to the Lions was not the reason the Cowboys lost the game. This banged up group, playing with practically random men we've never heard of to fill in for injured starters turned the ball over 4-times. Yes, that defense forced 4-Lions turnovers.

The issue was simply the Cowboys disgusting offense. 268 total yards. Are you kidding me?

The play calling was far from creative and not one play was utilitized to benefit the Cowboys strengths or expose any of the Lions weaknesses. Instead, the Cowboys plays were predictable on a consistent basis.

Dez Bryant made a grand total of 3-receptions for 72-yards and a pair of touchdowns.

Not sure if this is a Tony Romo problem or not.

To drive home my point in closing, Dez Bryant is not the issue here. How can you not respect and love his passion and drive to be the best. Remember Michael Irvin? Same type of passion. Why was Dez not targeted on a late key play instead of settling for a field goal?

Irving demanded for his number to be called upon in crucial, critical situations. I think the modern day #88 should be counted on to make that all important critical play.