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Barnes blogs about... the Rangers in the playoffs

by Mike Barnes

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Posted on October 3, 2012 at 9:45 PM

It's one of the biggest collapses in baseball history. Lucky for the Rangers, they have a Wild Card spot to fall back on.

But this team isn't playing like a playoff team.  No energy, no excitement, and a little too much apathy.

They blew a five game lead with nine to play and got to watch Oakland do all the celebrating.

Now they get to play at home.  Home for a wild card game against Baltimore.  Home to open a series against the Yankees.  But, that's if they beat Baltimore. And that's a big "IF" right now.

The last couple of years, this team was hungry.  They hadn't been to the playoffs in more than a decade. They've never been to the World Series.  They came within a strike of winning it all.

But remember the Oilers against the Steelers in the late 70s.  They came close the first year.  Closer the second year.  And then Bum Philips said they had knocked on the door and beat on the door and the next year they'd beat the @#$%#$ in.

Didn't work out that way. By year three, they couldn't get back to that level.

And I'm afraid it could be like that for the Rangers.  Michael Young is a liability compared ot most DHs.  Ian Kinsler's upper cut swing.  Injured pitchers.  Josh Hamilton and his mysterious ailments.

It just doesn't give out a great vibe.

Hey... maybe I'm wrong.  I was wrong about them having all the pieces together and ready to win the World Series back in '75. And '76.  And '77.  And '78.  Well... every year of the 70s and 80s, basically.   I drank the Kool Aid and they fooled me then.  Maybe they're fooling me now.

But maybe this time, the results will be good.