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Barnes Blogs about... we all have ways to help!

Barnes Blogs about... we all have ways to help!

by Mike Barnes

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Posted on March 5, 2013 at 4:25 PM

Updated Tuesday, Mar 5 at 5:05 PM

I'm a cap collector.  Maybe you call it cap obsession. Maybe a cap addiction.

It definitely turned into a problem.

Last summer I realized my bedroom had too many caps.  A few special ones hanging up.  The ones I wore, plus many others, on the bed posts.  And still more in various stacks in the closet, in a corner, and in a fancy do-it-yourself organizing/hanging apparatus.

I was overflowing with more than 100 caps.  Caps I'd bought.  Caps I'd been given.  Caps that were freebies at events I attended or was merely invited to.


So I decided to do something that my wife would appreciate.  Spring cleaning in August!  I sorted through the caps and took out about half.  Hey... a guy can't quit cold turkey.

But with more than 50 caps in a trash bag, I was ready to say goodbye and take them out for the garbage man.

Then I decided to stay on my wife's good side, I should probably donate them to Goodwill or somewhere. 

That's when I had an epiphany.

Being friends with football great Earl Campbell, I knew he'd sign the caps for me and I could sell them with all of the profits going to charity!  Sounds like a great idea... until you realize the time it's going to take.  And football season is not the time to do it.

But in November, I got together with Earl and shared my idea.  His eyes lit up when he realized how it could help the National MS Society, because his son, Tyler, has MS.

A win-win for everybody.

Earl and I found the time to sit down and visit while he signed more than 60 caps in January.  Caps of all types.  Longhorn caps.  KVUE caps.  Texas Stars caps.  Boston Red Sox caps.  Caps from Maine, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii.  All kinds of caps.

And Earl signed every one of them. 

And since then we've raised more than $2000 to help fight MS.  All with caps that were almost thrown away.

There are still caps left.  If you're interested, send me a note.  100% goes to the National MS Society.

We can all do our part.  Just be imaginative.  Use your connections.  And lend a helping hand.