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Barnes Blogs about... problems with Texas Baseball

Barnes Blogs about... problems with Texas Baseball

by Mike Barnes

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Posted on April 24, 2013 at 8:12 PM

Updated Thursday, Oct 24 at 7:26 PM

I keep waiting for things to turn around.

It's not like the program's in shambles.   It's not like the Horns haven't been to Omaha in forever.  It was just two years ago when they went two-and-cue.

But at least they made it.

Right now, the Texas Longhorns would miss out on the Big 12 tournament.

Yep, I said it right.  Tied for 8th, they would lose the tie-breaker with Texas Tech and be left at home.

And that's just not right with the reputation of this program.

I've known about Augie Garrido for decades, and first met him twenty years ago.   One of the sharpest baseball minds you'll ever meet.  There are coaches out there who are known more for recruiting than game management, but Augie is all about the game situations.

If I want my team to rally in the 9th for a win, I want Augie Garrido in my dugout.

But something's missing on this year's team.  Maybe it's today's youth.  Maybe it's today's bats.  Maybe it's today's college couse load.

If UT personnel knew what it was, it would be fixed.

Can you explain why this team can't win on Sundays?  And hence, why this team can't win any series against Big 12 opponents?

Back in the "good old days", Texas didn't play many Sunday games.  Doubleheaders on Saturday. Maybe that's what this team needs to do.  Revert back to the old days, with a 7 inning opener to a double dip.  Heck, let 'em play with wood bats and with no batting gloves and let 'em slide around on the dirt and mess up those unis.

Oh yeah, there is no dirt at Disch-Falk, except the pitching mound.  Any coincidence that the best players on the team this year are the ones who stand on the dirt?

Roger Clemens says he's leading a movement to add Cliff Gustafson's name to Disch-Falk Field.  I say pull up the turf and put in some great sod while you're at it.   Give this team something else to play for.

Getting to the playoffs must not be enough.