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Barnes Blogs about... tie breakers

by Mike Barnes

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Posted on October 31, 2013 at 5:25 PM

It's coming up on playoff time in high school football and this is one of my favorite times of the year.

You see, I like math.  Crunching numbers, looking at statistics, and figuring out probabilities.

My wife thinks I'm crazy, but it's the reason I get excited to help my kids with math homework.

And with every high school district there are lots of playoff possibilities  That's where the fun comes in.  It's like setting up an Excel spreadsheet in your head with lots of if/then possibilities.

If Pflugerville wins the last two games, could they really make the playoffs?  But what if they beat Stony Point, but then Stony Point beats Round Rock who had just beaten Cedar Ridge?

Akins is in the playoffs with a win, but what if Anderson beats them next week.  Is the winner of Austin and Del Valle in?  No?  Because of head-to-head tie-breaker?  But isn't that assuming the winner loses in week ten to Westlake or Bowie?  What if Austin beats Del Valle and then beats Westlake?  Then, if Akins loses to Anderson, the Maroons are in.  But wait, that would mean the Chaps would move up to Div I.  And that could keep them away from Hendrickson and Samaje Perine.

You see where I'm going.  It's the best of math word problems.

And when you get to put "positive points" into the equation, it gets even better.  Will Akins' two point win over Del Valle play a factor?  How about Stony Point's three point win over Westwood?

Still two weeks of games to go and the possibilities seem endless.

But trust me.  It's less than there were last week.

But still plenty of word problems to keep any math and football fan smiling.