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Barnes Blogs about... the demise of VY


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Posted on August 27, 2012 at 9:16 PM

Updated Tuesday, Aug 28 at 3:11 PM

Vince Young got cut today. Chan Gailey and the Buffalo Bills saw his disastrous performance against the Pittsburgh Steelers and decided VY wasn't fit to be their backup quarterback.  So they went out and traded for Tarvaris Jackson, who I believe makes more money than Vince, but who's resume isn't nearly as good.

Not that Vince's is that great.  But he has done some pretty good things.

I remember the first time I saw Vince Young.  It was one of the first games of the 2002 season, probably the opener against North Texas.  I walked past the Texas bench, going from the South End Zone to the North End Zone (you know, we in the media can't be that close to the bench or we get yelled at!) and I see a guy wearing #10 towering over his teammates.  He looked like he was seven feet tall.  Probably because Vince Young was hanging out with some shorter running backs and wide receivers, but the "bigger than life" image began.  And Vince did nothing to stop it.

The next year, Chris Simms was gone and Vince Young finally got a chance to play.  Remember the Oklahoma game?  The run he made in the loss against the Sooners.  You could tell then that this guy had something extra.

There are lots of Vince memories through the years, from turning his ankle (sure looked broken to me) to a couple of games in the Rose Bowl.  But you know what stood out to me?  If you let him play his game, he'll get it done.

Texas did that.  The UT passing attack with Major Applewhite and Chris Simms was abandoned.  A new offensive rage was born with the zone read.  I couldn't believe how many high schools I saw start using it in that time.  But they didn't have a quarterback like VY.  Texas did.

When Vince sulked after he lost the Heisman, I was afraid that part of his personality would come back to bite him.  When they tried to make him change his game for the NFL, it ultimately did.

Vince Young in an offense with Andy Reid in Philadelphia didn't work, and you knew the odds were against him with Chan Gailey in Dallas.  Greg Davis would've lost his UT job a lot sooner had he made Vince Young conform to the UT offense that was big from 1998-2002.   Now it's Vince losing his job because he can't conform.

Vince is a nice guy, and has always seemed to have a big heart.  But now, he needs a job.  Because I'm afraid another NFL team won't give him a shot. 

They won't conform. And neither can he.