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Barnes Blogs about... rooting for the Harbaugh brothers

by Mike Barnes

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Posted on January 18, 2012 at 4:21 PM

The "who are you rooting for to get to the Super Bowl" game is a little foggier these days.

In the state of Texas, you had to root for Houston as they tried to play Cinderella in their first playoff run.

And in the USA, you had to root for Tim Tebow, who may have become the most popular quarterback ever to finish a season with only one win in his last five games of a season.

Now, with the Giants, 49ers, Patriots, and Ravens left in the mix, there is no real underdog.  All of these teams have won Super Bowls in the last twenty years.

But with all due respect to the Giants (you have to admire what Eli Manning has done) and the Patriots (Tom Brady continues to be one of the best of all time), how can you not hope for a San Francisco vs Baltimore match-up in the Super Bowl?

Forget about Flacco for a minute.  Ignore Alex Smith, if you can.

Just think about the family atmosphere of having Harbaugh against Harbaugh.

The NFL thought it was being warm and fuzzy when these two teams played each other on Thanksgiving.  A holiday affair with brothers coaching against each other for the first time.

Can you imagine if it happens again, in the Super Bowl?

I don't have a brother.  Only a sister.  Her name is Diane, but I call her Boggs. (Long story.  Blame my father.)  And the prospect of coaching against her in the Super Bowl is unfathomable.  Forget for just a second that she doesn't know what strong side and weak side mean, and would get embarrassed if someone suggested a naked bootleg.  But having your sibling on the other sideline, on the biggest stage in the world for football?  How could you beat that?

And that's me, a sports fan, talking about his sister, who is five years older than I am.  We're close, but we always had separate rooms and we never went to the same school at the same time.

Now look at the Harbaughs.   John and Jim are only 15 months apart in age.  They shared the same bedroom for 18 years.  Their Dad was a football coach, so their lives revolved around the game.

Jim was a quarterback at Michigan and John played defensive back at Miami, Ohio.  Coaching was natural progression for them when they stopped playing. 

Now they're both just two wins away from a Super Bowl title.  But to me, it's not the championship that makes this special.

It's the bond between siblings, taken to the highest level and on the biggest stage.

How can you root against that?