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Barnes Blogs about.... preseason dreams

by Mike Barnes

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Posted on July 24, 2012 at 3:31 PM

I posted something on facebook this week about my 12 year old daughter being away at summer camp and writing home about the camp softball team.  She was nervous about trying out... excitedly nervous about making the first cut... and very excited that she gets to play in the game.

That got me daydreaming about a college scout showing up at her camp, seeing her play in the game and when she makes an unassisted triple play and then hits a home run, she'll get a college scholarship.

Remember, this is girls' summer camp we're talking about, not a softball camp.  And she's twelve.  And she's never played organized softball.  But she hopes to use her Cat Osterman glove and make dreams come true.

Those are the types of dreams I hear coming out of Dallas at the Big 12 Media Days.

Mack Brown says things are so much better with only two quarterbacks this year instead of four.  And he wants both ready in case one is hurt or can't get the job done.

But is he dreaming when he thinks things are better with the quarterback situation?

How about Art Briles, who knows he has to replace Robert Griffin III.  He says that leaves some "gaps" that he has to fill in.  But he seems to think that he can do that schematically.

Yeah, good luck with that.

The list of dreams goes on.  TCU dreams it will compete in the Big 12 like it did the Mountain West.  Oklahoma dreams it will dominate the Big 12 again.  Oklahoma State dreams about developing new players to take the place of Weeden and Blackmon.  Iowa State dreams about... well... most everything.

But that's the fun about college football.  Everyone can dream right now because you never know if a new player or a new system will be the difference maker.

Keep dreaming until September 1st.  That's when reality hits!