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Barnes Blogs about... pinstripe books

by Mike Barnes

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Posted on March 23, 2011 at 5:49 PM

Spring break was a great time for basketball and reading.

That's what happens when you spend four days in Tulsa, Oklahoma and spend about 14 hours in the car.

And I'm amazed at how two books can affect your ways of thinking.

Both are about the New York Yankees in one way or the other.   Clay McKinney wrote Pinstripe Defection, which is about a small time lawyer taking on the Yankees in a case.  And Jane Leavy wrote The Last Boy, about Mickey Mantle's life.

I have to admit, I'm still working on the Mantle book. It's long and I started it near the end of the stay in Tulsa.   But both are full of facts and information... and life with the Yankees.

And if you're a Yankee hater, you may hate them even more after you read the books.  (If you're a lawyer or aspire to ever be one, McKinney's book is like a David vs Goliath tale).

If you're a Yankee fan... well... some great stories about Mickey Mantle that make you want to root for him even more.  But even in some of those stories, you find yourself hating other parts of the Yankees.

I won't give anything away (although some Joe DiMaggio stories are very eye opening) but both books are good reads. 

Especially if you're a baseball fan and you're in a car on a road trip... or on an exercise bike in a hotel weight room, seven hours from home.