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Barnes Blogs about.... miracles do happen

by Mike Barnes

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Posted on November 29, 2012 at 1:47 PM

Miracles happen every day.  Sometimes we notice them.  Sometimes they're bigger than life.  But they're always there.

 I've told you before about my miracle. Chasing a beautiful girl with no success.  Getting into a car accident that put me into Intensive Care.  Having that beautiful girl wake me up out of a near-coma in ICU.

Yes, miracles do happen.   And not just to me.

We did a story earlier this year about a Manor family that loves football, but has been battling cancer.  Johnny Velsaco just dropped by the station to say "Hi" and share some good news.  His wife, Julie, is doing so well, doctors say she may be the one out of ten that can beat her disease.

Cancer hasn't kept them away from Mustangs football games.  They'll be at the game against Rosenberg Terry this weekend.  And I'm hoping they can make plans to be at Cowboys Stadium in three weeks for a title game.

They deserve it.

Julie's had some tough times in her battle, and Johnny has let some of the Mustang players know about it.  When they complain about a sore ankle, they find out what Julie has had to endure.

It hasn't been pleasant.

But Julie is winning her battle.  Let's hope her Mustangs do, too.

Don't bet against 'em.  Julie is proof that miracles do happen.