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Barnes Blogs about... before Mack leaves

Barnes Blogs about... before Mack leaves

by Mike Barnes

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Posted on December 8, 2013 at 2:21 PM

Updated Sunday, Dec 8 at 2:26 PM

You've read the tweets.  You've heard the rumors.  So many people say Mack Brown is gone.

But if true, he owes me a trip to Hawaii before he leaves.

Let me start with a little background.

I'm a pretty organized guy.  Usually not anal, and I'd like to think I don't take it too far.  But I like to have my I's dotted and and my T's crossed.

So when my wife, Kim, and I decided in 1996 to try to get pregnant I crossed my fingers that the birth would avoid football season.  (That's when I'm terribly busy with work and it's hard for me to take any time off!)  If, by the grace of God, the due date had been in the fall, we could've worked around it.  But lucky for me, our first child was born in the spring of '97.

My sister and I were born five years apart and my father is an accountant.  Do you see the correlation?  He made sure he wouldn't have two kids in college at the same time.  And I learned from the master.

So after Brandon was born in April of 1997, I planned on trying to have baby #2 in 2001 or 2002.

But then Mack Brown and the Longhorns gave me an idea.

When Texas played at Hawaii in the fall of 1995, our main sportscaster at the time covered the game and took his wife with him. They stayed a couple of days after the game for a mini-vacation.

And, as a Magnum PI fan, who doesn't dream of a Hawaiian vacation????

So it's the winter of 1999 and I start looking closer and planning for the future.  The Longhorns have Hawaii on their schedule again, around Labor Day of 2000.   It could be my first trip to Hawaii and I could take my lovely wife with me for a couple of sight-seeing days around the islands after the game.

But... wait a minute.  If we're going to have baby #2 in the winter/spring of 2001 then Kim would be around her first trimester for that Hawaiian trip.  And I'm an experienced expecting father:  I know that first trimester is the toughest and most important for the growth and health and nourishment of the baby.  So it seemed to me that making that long flight to Hawaii and doing outdoor adventures wouldn't be best if your wife is just a month or two pregnant.

Time to change plans.

Kim and I talk and decide to try to move things up a bit.  What if we tried to get pregnant in the summer/fall of '99 and had the baby in winter/spring of '00??  The baby would be big enough at Labor Day to be without Mom for a few days and stay with grandparents.

The plan was made.

And, again, by God's grace, things seemed to work out perfectly.  Our second child was due on January 21, 2000 and finally joined us a day late on January 22nd.  Welcome, Taylor, and thanks for the good timing.  She would be more than seven months old when we leave for Hawaii!


And then... in the spring of 2000, Mack Brown decides to make a change.  He cancels the extra game against Hawaii. (Games in Hawaii are extra games on non-conference schedules).   It costs the Horns about $100,000 to buy out of the game, but it cost me even more.

I lost my romantic vacation to the islands.  My first-ever trip to Robin's Nest.  I may have even rented a red Ferrari just for the occasion.

So, here we are, more than thirteen years later, and I'm still waiting.  I hoped Mack would have a change of heart at some point and reschedule Hawaii.  But it hasn't happened... yet.

So before you say Aloha, Mack, remember the trip you owe me.  Stick around just long enough for that.